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Below are some of our frequently asked questions... Can't see the answer you're looking for? Please get in touch! 

How many children can do an Adventure Quest? My personal preference is between 15-20 children, to really give them that immersive experience. However, it is also completely down to the person hosting and how many children they feel comfortable leading through the quest. Be mindful when hosting with larger numbers of how you will ensure each child gets a 'turn' - this may just mean doubling up on a few printable things to make ensough to go around. Please do also bare in mind that the quests require some props per head, so do factor that into your budget when considering numbers. These are usually consumable or can be included in the party bags to be taken home.

Can I host my Adventure Quest outside? Of course! Our quests can be set up anywhere and having space to move around freely can make them even more fun for the children. Do bare in mind however, that you will need places to hide/ stick up items. This can simply be achieved by bringing in some simple decorative props (think tables/ suitcases/etc) tohold/ hide the items.

How can I enhance my Adventure Quest? We provide you with everything you need to run your quest. However, it is up to you how you enhance it using props and other decorations. A reccomendation I have, is to add elements for the children to search through specific theme in an age appropriate way. But do be sure to remember where you have put things!

Whats included in a download? In each dowload you will recieve: A themed quest story Printable Props Amazon Lists (for the props that can't be printed) Printable Invitations Video Explanations Cue Cards Printable Party Bags Decoration Ideas Music Playlists Step By Step instructions on how to set up Printable Thank you's

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