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In This Issue (dated 7 Oct 2013)

1)  Trekking Taiwan, "Beautiful Island" - Tea Talk & Slideshow on 12 Oct 2013

2)  Confirmed Trips: Nepal, Vietnam, Kilimanjaro

3)  Scheduled Trips: Taiwan, Bhutan, Morocco

4)  10 Great Reasons To Travel With Adventure Quests

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 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.” – Mark Twain

We couldn’t have said it better. What is it about traveling that enriches your soul like little else can? Sometimes you need to get away from the clutter of society to discover the world through lenses of our own. Life is about experiences and making memories, and at the end of the ride, having one epic story worth telling. That’s what we think anyway. So get out there and start creating your own story!

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Tea Talk - Trekking Taiwan "Beautiful Island" - 12 Oct 2013 (Saturday)

Taiwan – not just a vibrant modern urban jungle with excellent food - it’s a treasure trove of fantastic trekking and adventures. Visit Taiwan and hike some of the most beautiful mountains in Asia ...

5D Syue Shan – The Snow Mountain
Tucked inside the Shei-Pa National Park is the spectacular peak Syue Shan, ranking the second highest in Taiwan at 3886m. The ascent of the Snow Mountain, will take you through diverse geological terrain making it one of the most scenic trails in Taiwan. Trek through a forest of pine and deciduous trees called the “Black Forest”, and finally through a ridge of shale to get to the main summit. You will then be able to feast your eyes on an amazing 360 degree panorama of entire mountain ranges, including Yushan.

5D Yushan – The Jade Mountain
Taiwan’s crowned jewel, the beautiful Jade Mountain soars above the ground at 3952m. Your trek begins at Tatajia, and along the trail you pass through a variety of different ecosystems - from the "white forest", a scenic grove of trees weathered white, to thick bamboo groves. The summit plateau is excitingly rocky and characterized by layers of rock slabs. At the summit you will be able to catch the sun rising from the horizon and lighting up all before it.

To know more, do drop by our office (41B North Canal Road) for the slideshow.

Date : 12th October, Saturday
Time : 2pm

email :
contact : 6534-4321

Kindly email us (RSVP) if you are attending, thanks !

Trek Yushan with Adventure Quests

Beautiful Yushan

On a clear day, as far as your eyes can see ...



We're into the last quarter of 2013. Maybe you didn't travel as much as you wanted this year. Or maybe you are still looking to do something different. It's not too late! We still have a couple of great destinations lined up for the taking.

Do check out our website for more trips to other destinations (East & Southern Africa, Sikkim, Mongolia, Taiwan etc.) or better yet - join us on Facebook for more regular updates.

Let us take care of your travel needs for you. Let us make sure you end 2013 on a high!

18D Nepal Annapurna Base Camp (4-21 Dec 13)
10D ITHAT Nepal Poon Hill Trek (4-13 Dec 13)

Trek past ancient footpaths and villages, and be inspired as you stand at the foot of glorious Annapurnas at Annapurna South's Base Camp. Come immerse in the haunting beauty of the Annapurna Himalayas for a holiday of a lifetime ... more

Annapurna Base Camp Trek with Adventure Quests

Are you a novice trekker, pining to explore the mountainscapes of Nepal, but unsure how to? Our innovative program will shape you up and take you on an unforgettable journey through the mystical Annapurna region ... more

Poon Hill ITHAT with Adventure Quests

7D Vietnam Mt Fansipan (10-16 Dec 13)
18D Mt Kenya & Kilimanjaro (15 Dec-1 Jan 14)

Indochina's highest mountain at 3143m, Fansipan offers a different trek experience from Kinabalu. Come enjoy the cool weather, open scenery, undulating greenery, and bamboo & coniferous forests for a unique trail walk like no other ... more

Fansipan Trek

Climb Africa’s highest & second highest peak via the most beautiful routes! First trek to the summit of Mount Kenya – a beautiful mountain with dramatically eroded slopes - before finally climbing the famed Mt Kilimanjaro and standing atop the Roof of Africa ... more

Kilimanjaro Trek
6D Vietnam Sapa Village w/Homestay (25-30 Dec 13)
5D Taiwan SyueShan (25-29 Dec 13)

The lovely village of Sa Pa lies in a valley overlooking surrounding mountains with misty peaks. It is home to steep rice terraces, unique stilt villages, and traces of French influence. Come soak in the scenery and cultural diversity of the colorful local hill-tribes of this picturesque hill town ... more

Sapa Village Hike with Adventure Quests

The beautiful Snow Mountain holds her secrets close. Trek through the “Black Forest”, pine forests and a ridge of shale to reach the summit, and behold the spectacular 360 degree panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges ... more

Syueshan North Peak
8D Morocco Toubkal Summit (30 Jan-7 Feb 14)
5D Taiwan YuShan (28 Nov - 2 Dec 13)

Come experience Morocco starting Casablanca to the High Atlas Mountains and to climb Jebel Toubkal at 4167m, highest peak in North Africa! Complete your Moroccan quests in Marrakech and shopping away in the labyrinth of Souks in Medina ... more

Morocco Toubkal Summit with Adventure Quests
Extremely popular hike, Yushan is Northeast Asia's highest peak and a magnificient one.  Hike through beautiful pine "white forest” to reach the top of Jade Mountain. Watch the sun rising above the clouds to light up the world, 3952m above sea level ... more
Taiwan Yushan with Adventure Quests
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