Adventure Quests newsletter 11
In This Issue (dated 27 Aug 2013)

1)  ITHAT (Introduction To High Altitude Trekking) -  10D Nepal Poon Hill (4-13 Dec 2013)

2)  Confirmed Trips: Nepal, Vietnam

3)  Scheduled Trips: Bhutan, Kilimanjaro

4)  10 Great Reasons To Join Adventure Quests

Dear Friends

It's been quite a while since our newsletter ... we hope you have had an adventurous year to date. 

It's coming to that time of the year where almost everybody will be taking a holiday and so we like to invite you to join one of our adventures.  Be it a scheduled departure or a customised trip with your preferred travel dates with your travel kakis, we'll be happy to organize them for you. 

We hope you can just take 2 minutes to read this newsletter and check out our website for the detailed trip info if you're interested !

Introduction To High Altitude Trekking (ITHAT) - 10D Nepal Poon Hill (4-13 Dec 2013)

This program is specially designed for all budding hikers aka full of aspirations but clueless on how to fulfill them ...

We understand the apprehensions felt by the novice trekker in planning a mountain holiday. How fit should I be? What kind of training must I do? What gear will I need? 

For a start, we will hold a workshop with you to let you have a better understanding of the demands and specifics of high altitude hiking. We will then conduct 6 physical conditioning sessions to show you how to get into shape, and round it off with a final pre-trip briefing to ensure that you are fully equipped, physically and mentally for your inaugural trekking trip.

A scenic and enjoyable trekking holiday through the magnificent mountainscapes of the Annapurna region of Nepal will be your reward for almost 3 months of preparation. The highlight of your trip will be watching the sun lighting up the sky for the first time from atop Poon Hill, and gazing out at the jagged pinnacles of the surrounding Himalayan range, an unforgettable experience !

We are certain that this will be the beginning of a lifelong love affair with trekking holidays.

To know more, do drop by our office (41B North Canal Road) for the slideshow.

Date : 29th August
Time : 7pm

email :
contact : 6534-4321

For more information on this innovative program click here.

Poon Hill Trek
Poon Hill Trek
Poon Hill Trek


Four more months to go before saying 'good-bye' to Y2013 and if you're keen in an adventure outing but not decided 'what', 'which', when', and 'how', why not check out these hot treks for the year end. 

The list is by no means exhaustive so do visit our website for more trips to other destinations (East & Southern Africa, Sikkim, Mongolia, Taiwan etc.) or better still, join us on Facebook for more regular updates.

Confirmed Departures: Scheduled Trips:
22D Nepal Everest BC Gokyo Chola La (5-26 Oct 2013) 10D Bhutan Samtengang (12-21 Dec 2013)

The breathtaking views from Gokyo Ri promises more spectacular views of the Himalayas than the traditional EBC trek. The hospitality of the Sherpas will bowl you over. Tough trek but well-worth the sweat and effort ... more

Everest BC Trek

An easier low-altitude trek, the Samtengang is a trek rich in culture, nature and scenic beauty. Hikers will pass through various traditional villages, forests, padi fields, monastries, lakes, unspoilt by modern mass tourism ... more

Bhutan Samtengang Trek

7D Vietnam Mt Fansipan (10-16 Dec 2013) 10D Bhutan Druk Path (19-28 Dec 2013)

Indochina's highest mountain at 3143m, Fansipan offers a different trek experience from Kinabalu with a great mix of cool weather, open scenery, vast greenery, and bamboo & coniferous forests. Pleasant trail walk ... more

Fansipan Trek

This is simply an excellent short trekking experience which follows the ancient high level trails above the Paro valley and offers spendid views of Chomolhari with camps beside mountain lakes and passing through yak herders' ... more

Bhutan Samtengang Trek
6D Vietnam Sapa Village w/Homestay (25-30 Dec 2013) 12D Tanzania Kilimanajaro Machame (21 Dec-2 Jan 2014)

Enjoy beautiful landscapes & ethnic minority people on this walking trip in the north-western highland of Sapa which is carved by dramatic rice terraces and dotted with the clay and thatch houses of the various ethnic groups ... more

Everest BC Trek

Africa's highest point and a trekker's dream, Kilimanjaro is one of the few places on the Equator where you can find snow & ice walls. We have a great summit success record so do join us if you like to stand on its summit at 5895m ... more


Kilimanjaro Trek
  1. Professional, Reliable & Experienced Trip Consultants:  Our trip consultants have all been on the same treks you will be going on, so we know our way round. You can sit-back and relax - you are in good hands!
  2. Complimentary “Adventure Quests' Travel/Trekking Guide” for all our trips: We provide a special "Adventure Quests' Trekking Guide" on everything you need to know to prepare for a successful & enjoyable trek – at no extra cost.
  3. Free Training Sessions: Our programs include complimentary physical group conditioning sessions (GCS) with our very own AQ trainers to prepare you for your trek.
  4. Provision of Comprehensive Gear Checks: We'll give you the most detailed run-down on what gear you need for your trek, AND we’ll connect you with the gear store for the best prices & discounts in town!
  5. Health Advice Prior To All Treks: We give extensive advice & tips on prevention & treatment of altitude sickness and other mountain maladies to ensure your well-being during your trek.
  6. Experienced Local Ground Operators: Our local ground operators across the world are some of the most experienced, most established, and reliable in the business. With their extensive connections, they can get things done fast in any emergency.
  7. 24/7 Available Emergency Contact: Our trip manager is on-call 24/7 when you are on trek and is ready to offer instant advice via SMS should the need arise.
  8. True Veterans In The Business: We've been organizing treks around the world since 1998 – that’s 15 years of knowledge and experience waiting to be shared with you.
  9. Great Personal Service: We pride ourselves in the high quality of our trips and our personalized customer service. You can count on us to make your adventure a fun and memorable one.
  10. Flexible, Customizable Treks: We include optional additional activities to transform your holiday into a truly unforgettable one, and can also tailor to your specific traveling preference.
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