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The year is coming to an end, so to herald in 2013 it is time for a holiday! For the first quarter of the year we have some exciting trips lined up for you. For this coming Chinese New Year, we have special departures for all you adventurers who are looking for an exciting CNY!


Syue Shan SummitFor 2013, Taiwan is going to be our destination of the year! To start off the year our first location is Syue Shan.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Syue Shan was known to the Western world as Mt. SylviaIn the 1920s, Taiwan which was then under the Japanese rule renamed the mountain Tsugitakayama (次高山), literally meaning "Second Highest Mountain", due to the fact that it is the second highest mountain in Taiwan after Yushan. When the Japanese left, it was renamed Syue Shan and it became part of the Shei-Pa National Park.

The Shei-Pa National Park contains some of the most well-known and spectacular peaks in Taiwan, amongst which is Syue Shan ( Snow Mountain 雪山 ) at 3886 meters. The summit at Syue Shan offers a great 360 degrees panorama of the entire mountain ranges near and far, including Dapajian Shan, and Yushan which can be seen in the far far horizon.

taiwan_peaksThe ascent up to Syue Shan begins at Wuling Farm, and after about 3 hours, trekkers will reach the first rest point Chika Hostel which is located at 2440 metres. From here, they will ascend to the east peak of Syue Shan. Just further on is Hostel 369, located on high ground and surrounded by spectacular views and scenery, the rest stop for the night .

In the morning, trekkers begin the ascent to the main peak of Syue Shan which will take about 3 hours. At the summit, they are treated with unparrelled views of the surronding mountain ranges as far as the eyes can see. Following that will be a quick descent down to Wuling Farm and a hot dip in a nearby hotspring !


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Departure Dates: 05 - 09 Jan, 07 - 11 Feb

For this Chinese New Year, we at Adventure Quests have came up with several destinations for you to have a short holiday during this long weekend.

mount fansipanDuring this Chinese New Year, make a trip to northern Vietnam and enjoy the splendid beauty of Sapa and Fansipan.

For the adventurous, you can embark on a 3 day 2 night trek to Mount Fansipan, the tallest mountain in IndoChina. Be greeted with over 2000 species of flora and fauna and top it all with the spectacular views at the summit.

For more information on Mount Fansipan please click here.

For the less adventurous, you can take a visit to Sapa and immerse in the cultural diversity of the minority races, the iconic rice terraces, and awe-inspiring mountain ranges. Sapa has never failed to surprise its visitors every single time.

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Departure Dates for Fansipan: 26-01 Feb, 09-15 Feb, 16-22 Mar


krabiPicturesque white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters ... these are the sights that greet all visitors to Krabi. Located at the southern coast of Thailand, Krabi has always been a beach paradise for all who knows it.  With its abundant beaches and and spectaclar limestone cliffs, Krabi has never failed to entice and seduce all its visitors.

For this Chinese New Year, join us as we make a trip to experience all that Krabi has to offer. Embark on a multi adventure trip; spanning from sea kayaking to trekking to finally climbing the limestone cliffs. Join us on this awesome trip to feel and enjoy the sun, sand, sea and cliffs.

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Departure Dates: 08-12 Feb

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