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   Share a Story Programme is an initiative by Adventure Quests to discourage handouts to children. Instead of candies, chocolates or toys, the gift of a story will benefit the children's learning and last a lifetime. Be a storyteller and journey with us.

 Newsletter Issue 4 

6 Days Eco + Wildlife Programme, Chitwan, Nepal

  • Share a Story at a nursery
  • Fruit tree donation & planting (to supply fruits for the underprivileged children at the nursery) 
  • Organic farm visit & jam making & baking
  • Jungle Safari
  Share A Story Destinations


Mutainyu, China

Nepal (Feature Trip)

Gopeng, West Malaysia

Sabah, East Malaysia

In the pipeline: North Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, Indonesia and more..

  The Atlas of Morocco - New Destination

11 Days Mt Toubkal Ascent Trek - Highest mountain in North Africa

9 Days Mt M'goun Traverse - 2nd highest mountain in North Africa

9 Days Beber Villages & Mountain Passes
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The Power of Story Telling

Story telling is a natural and powerful way to connect with people. It has been used for generations as a means of remembering history, sharing of culture and beliefs and a tool for passing on wisdom and knowledge.

When children listen to stories, they often identify with the characters' experiences and feelings. This helps them to understand their own thoughts, emotions, and fears. Some stories introduce ethics and values and expand children's understanding of the world. Many times, stories let children appreciate their own culture and those of others, at the same time learn new words to build their vocabulary.

Stories help people define their world. By helping children develop the necessary skills to become an effective storyteller, they become effective communicators - a skill that will benefit them a lifetime.

Story Telling as an Event

Most storytellers define story telling as an interactive process involving the teller, who shares the tale, and members of the


audience who listen and let their imaginations take over. When I think of the definition of storytelling, I think of it as an event," said author and educator Shirley Raines. "There's the story, the listener, and the teller. And the teller is the person who makes it an event, but only if the listener is very engaged."

Share a Story Programme

The "Share a Story" Programme aims to encourage positive interactions between you and the children you meet in the countries you travel to.

Many of Adventure Quests' destinations are to Third World countries, where many
foreigners, out of kindness and generosity, give out candies, chocolates and toys to the children on the streets or in local schools. We believe that children should not be conditioned to expect handouts.

Share a story is a meaningful way of giving, which entails learning for the children, fun interaction and positive experiences for both you as the visitor, and the local community.

Through sharing a story in a local school, children home or orphanage, you get to share your favourite childhood tales with the local children through creative ways - narration, finger puppets, skits etc. The children can, in turn, illustrate the same stories through drawings or play out the characters in the stories to create another story and learn to become storytellers themselves.

Adventures Quests hopes that as many children as possible can reap life-long benefits from your story sharing, which no amount of candies and chocolates can achieve.

Come join us on one of our story telling journeys.

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