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   Adventure Quests is now moving forward, towards the direction of sustainable travel and positive experience. As such, we have carefully crafted two special travel programs - "Take Only Pictures" and "Giving Back"

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  Featured Trips

Experience Amazing Wildlife Encounters

8 Days Panda Volunteering, Sichuan China at $2360

8 Days Black Necked Crane Festival at $4280
  Bhutan in Winter
(Giving Back Program)

8 Days Black Necked Crane Festival at $4280

9 Days Punakha Winter Trek at $4380

10 Days Bhutan National Day Special at $4700

  Rediscovering China

7 Days Songpan Horse Riding at $1850

8 Days Panda Volunteering at $2360

8 Days Great Wall Hike at $2650

10 Days Yunnan - Meili Hike at $3250

  Visit our website on the scheduled trip dates for these special packages and more information.

  Adventure Quests began our exciting journey in July 2009. We're now moving ourselves a few steps forward, towards the direction of sustainable travel and positive experience.

A place lost will mean one less journey possible. By aiming to play our part in ensuring that our destinations retain their natural character & cultural diversity, we hope these places will remain well protected and that the future generations will be able to take the same rejuvenating journeys as we have taken.

A journey is made rewarding when the experience is positive. An experience ought to be equally positive to ourselves, as well as, to those we meet. It is our goal to strive to promote a mutual positive experience for the people in our host countries & those who travel with us.

Based on the travel philosophy of
  sustainable travel and positive experience, we have carefully crafted the following travel programs:

Take Only Pictures

Our series of travel photography workshops in the world's most scenic places, under the guidance of experienced photographers, will help train the keen eyes and equip


one with the basic photography skills to capture travel journeys.

In learning to capture nature at its best, faces reflecting life, and wildlife in action,
  we hope travelers will become more aware of the environment and the multitude of threats it faces. Thus, build into their instincts a strong sense of environmental consciousness wherever they go.

Giving Back

For a start, we're doing our part in contributing to the places we visit through promoting wildlife conservation itineraries. Also, whenever we can, we select and work with local partners who support a local charity group or program.

Do visit our website to read more about both travel programs.

For the months to come, we'll continue to journey to new places and introduce new adventures that are in line with our travel philosophy. Keep a look out and see you on one of our journeys soon.

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