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Sri Lanka - Pearl of the Indian Ocean


With a history of over 2500 years, visitors and invaders have given this little emerald isle plenty of names – the Greeks called it Taprobane. The Arabs called it Serendib. The Europeans called it Ceylon. And Marco Polo called it “The finest island of its size”.

Sri Lanka is fringed with world-renowned beaches, with pristine aquamarine waters lapping gently at its golden shores.  The sun and surf makes for fantastic snorkeling and diving experiences, with spectacular sights – from abundant tropical fish to ghostly shipwrecks from the past. 

Sri Lanka is also blessed with an abundance of wild life. The country has over ninety species of mammal (including the majestic elephant, leopard and monkeys), and about 431 species of birds - 251 are resident and no less than 21 are endemic to the island.

A haven for photographers and avid trekkers alike, the teardrop of India is swathed with rolling carpets of every shade of green, from the tropical lowland rainforests such as the Sinharaja Rain Forest, to the cooler montane forests of the hill country. The hill country exudes a sense of enigma as one minute it is completely wreathed in mists, and the next minute disappears to reveal a menagerie of surprisingly rugged and dramatic peaks, such as Adam’s Peak (2243m) and the beautiful Knuckles massif (resembling a clenched knuckle in its formation). The island is blessed with 103 rivers and streams originating from the central hills, rushing down rocky precipices and forming a number of roaring waterfalls that lose its momentum in the Indian Ocean. Some of the most picturesque include the Rawana Falls of Ella at 25m, and Bambarakanda Falls – the tallest at 263m.

Snaking rivers, ethereal lakes amidst the lush green wilderness, and a culture that is steeped with rich heritage has helped craft this jewel into the place of wonder that it is, with plenty to explore. If you’re an intrepid trekker or just looking for family fun, look no further. Sri Lanka awaits you.

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