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Namibia is little known among most leisure travellers but acknowledged by many seasoned travellers to be the Gem of Africa. It is a country of vast landscapes and far horizons; of great diversity in its geology, topography, and flora and fauna; of great pristine wilderness - a land of unquestionable spectacular beauty. Here lies the world's oldest and most beautiful desert with its brilliant red dunes - The Namid Desert - where you can find plants and animals found nowhere else on earth. The scale of its wilderness is enchanting; one can drive for hours through its endless plains, huge mountain massifs and spectacular canyons without seeing a soul. This is a country with little industry and virtually no pollution, so you look up at the clearest stars you'll ever see.

For those looking for a great safari adventure, Namibia is home to Etosha National Park - one of the greatest wildlife parks in Africa with some stunning wildlife. With great bushwalking opportunities, hauntingly rugged seascapes (the starkly eerie Skeleton Coast), beautiful quaint European and African cities & villages, and nearly unlimited elbow room, it is difficult to find a parallel to Namibia's attractions anywhere else. For the first time visitor to Africa, a visit to Namibia promises to enthrall & touch your heart and soul, and leave many a lasting memories

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