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Bhutan, known to her people as ‘Druk Yul’ - the Land of the Thunder Dragon - is one of the most sought after travel destinations today.

She is as much known for her awesome landscapes and architecture, as for her rich and colourful cultural heritage. Land-locked and surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range, the awe-inspiring valleys and mountain passes, sprawling glaciers, stupendous waterfalls, crystal lakes, deep gorges and vast undulating flower-studded meadows will take anyone’s breath away and offers great opportunity for trekking.

As well as a trekker’s paradise, Bhutan is also an environmentalist’s dream. With 72 percent of the country under forest cover, Bhutan’s pristine ecology is home to rare and endangered flora and fauna.

This spiritual land is the last bastion of the Vajrayana school of Mahayana Buddhism which provides the essence of a unique identity for the 750,000 people.

Bhutan is a unique blend of the old and new. Here is a country that is slowly opening up to the modern world in a fine balance with its ancient traditions.

Those fortunate enough to visit Bhutan describe it as a unique, deeply spiritual and mystical experience. This kingdom is an adventure like no other.

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