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Introduction To High Altitude Trekking (ITHAT)

For those yearning to try mountain trekking but clueless on how to begin, our Introduction To High Altitude Trekking programme is your answer. We will shape you up and ship you out for your inaugural trekking holiday.

This is a specially designed programme that incorporates comprehensive pre-trip preparations in Singapoore, including physical training & conditioning, as well as advice on proper gear & apparel with a trip overseas where you will enjoy the highs of a trekking vacation.

This Introduction To High Altitude Trekking programme is an excellent team-building and bonding program and well-suited for schools, social groups and both private & public organisations.

Our Introduction To Trekking scheduled trips:
10 Days Poon Hill Sunrise Trek, Nepal


Project 5000ers (Five Thousanders)

Project 5000ers is our high altitude climbing progamme for more adventurous hikers who wish to challenge themselves to a higher (and harder) goal of standing atop a snowclad mountain peak or high mountain pass.

Project 5000ers aimed to achieve the following objectives:

(1) To encourage & inspire our clients to challenge their physical and mental abilities and literally “scale new heights”. Singapore, despite its terrain limitations, is no deterrence to those who love the great outdoors or have aspirations to become a mountaineer.

(2) To impart and share knowledge of high mountain climbing, in terms of technical know-how as well as physical and mental discipline.

(3) To provide a platform for our clients & friends who have achieved great heights, to share their experiences and inspire others to accomplish their own aspirations.

This programme involves climbing of a 5000m-plus high altitude peak and intensive training to prepare for the climb, led by an experienced mountaineer.

Our Project 5000ers expeditions:

Mt Kilimanjaro Expeditions 2013

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